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It is our belief that a business opportunity that is worthwhile, that truly can bring success… GENERALLY, SHOULD NOT NEED YOUR MONEY! If they believe in what they are doing and what they are offering, they should be willing to forego upfront fees and wait to share in your success. Why should they need to charge you? The answer is simple… most companies realize that your success is far from assured. Their business model is not to share your profits but to immediately share your WALLET. That is not how ASN operates. See Why You Can’t Fail With ASN ASN’s Business Model? We Share only in Your Success… We profit, ONLY WHEN YOU DO! Business Opportunities like none other! _______________________________________________ REVIEW by LoanLady This Site Works if you TAKE THE TIME TO UNDERSTAND IT … solutions network has many ways to earn by just taking advantage of free offers. AS IF THAT’S A BAD THING! But that’s not what it’s all about. But it takes more than a quick glance to know it. You can also earn $1,500 when a loan closes from your site– Or $300 for a mortgage reduction that costs less than half the price that most companies charge. And yes, I’ve done it. I’ve used them and I’ve made money from them. Yes, there are things that if you buy you earn points and commissions… But it’s a marketing company. The idea is not to make money by buying everything. If it’s purchased from your site you earn a commission. That’s what marketing is about. … Walmart or Best Buy … Purchase from them and you earn points that earn money. Someone else makes a purchase? You earn points that earn money. You don’t just make money for free stuff as one poster said. Every time your downline, purchases, sells or gets a free item, you make money. And yes, I’ve made money from this too. The solution network reminds me of the story of the blind men and the elephant. One grabbed the leg and thought it was a tree. Another touched the trunk and thought it was a snake. The solutions network is a good company. It works. I and many others do well with it. But you don’t earn if you don’t follow the system and you won’t follow the system if you don’t examine anything but the leg. You have to take the time to see the whole thing. ___________________________________ We won’t ask you for a penny today, tomorrow or at any other time. Our success is dependent on your success. With ASN, your success is certain. Follow our system and you make money. Period. We don’t need or want your money… BUT WE DO WANT YOUR COMMITMENT to one of the very best business opportunties – and it’s FREE!. We provide the opportunity, we provide the tools, you provide the most important ingredient, commitment. You’re on your way to Million Dollars with these Business Opportunities With consistent commitment, we all win! More Solutions and Business Opportunities Join the Road To Success

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