Why another coupon site?

If you ask anybody in the internet business what they thought of starting a coupon site they would tell you you’re crazy.   And  we understand that.

But, having been in the coupon business over 30 years, via the direct mail industry and Coupon Country mailers, we’re no  newbie.

We feel we have at least two things to offer that other coupon sites don’t:

1)      We draw on both the large national merchants but we also have our own base of local businesses that have been with us a long time and unlikely to go anywhere.

2)      We are NOT an automated site. We hand pick what we feel are the most relevant  coupons and offers  for our  audience and subscriber base. We consider the geographical nature (most of our audience is in the western states, with almost half in California and the Bay Area.  )   We try to keep up our  links, to make sure they’re working as things change and,’broken’  automated links can go unnoticed indefinitely.

(3) An additional third  benefit of our sites is that we try to diversify , not only bringing coupons but an occasional article  and non-coupon resource or two or three.  Besides coupon sites we offer a number of ‘niche’ sites including those for pets, seniors, nostalgists, if you will, etc.    While we don’t offer the highest  coupon volume of other sites we feel we make up for it in coupon quality , staying with  mostly    top name advertisers,  from Best Buy to Amazon, from Macy’s to Walmart . Call us the Costco of Coupons.  We may only have one coupon for a given  category but we make sure it’s a good one.  But, we do also include lesser-known businesses  whose offers   we feel are of interest and value.

And, lastly, we hope  in some small (or large)  way we’re helping the economy and  consumer pocketbooks  by saving  them significant amounts of money , especially with o our regular coupon users.  ALSO  we like to think we are offering a very effective vehicle for both national affiliate advertiser as well as local business – snd on the cutting edge, keeping up with the latest marketing platforms, mainly for our local advertisers, helping them make the transition between the ‘old ways’ of phone book and newspaper advertising to internet and  its many offshoots such as email, social  and  now text maketing. .   For more info: burtkaufman@couponcountry.com

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